The Detail Explanation Of A.D.Y Ceiling Fan



Here is the detail explanation of A.D.Y ceiling fan components and the reason behind it being the best quality fan

Fan Housing: Produced from superior quality aluminum alloy on high pressure die casting machines, fan housing defines external shape of the fan. High quality material not only gives strength and longevity in performance, but it also allows fan color to remain fresh and long lasting

Fan Stator (Motor): Made of Silicon Electrical Steel Sheets and winded with 99.99% pure enameled copper wire, fan stator is the core technology in manufacturing electric fans. Electrical steel sheet is especially designed for electrical motors to increase their efficiency and together with 99.99% copper wire, it ensures minimal losses when current revolves stator to create magnetic flux in rotor. Moreover, A.D.Y stator is insulated with “E” grade varnish to protect from electric shock and voltage fluctuation

Fan rotor: Made of Silicon Electrical Steel Sheets and filled with prime quality Aluminum Alloy, Rotor is the rotating part of the fan motor. Rotor creates its magnetic power by following current in stator. Rotor is attached to the fan housing and fan blades. Electrical steel sheet together with prime quality Aluminum Alloy increases rotational efficiency of the fan motor

Double Ball Bearing: High quality steel ball bearings ensures negligible frictional loses when fan motor is revolving, resulting in improved motor efficiency. Excellent bearing quality ensure long working hours of fan running with noiseless operation

Axle/shaft: Shaft is made of mild steel on centerless grinding machines for precision bearing sizes, which maintains rotation of electric fan wobble free

Paint: Powder paint is used to keep fans color fresh, long lasting and rust proof

Capacitor: Single phase capacitor is also manufactured in our own plant. Core element of capacitor is wound with low losses metalized film of thickness 8 micron

Neck Ceiling fan: Ceiling neck is made of cast iron and is designed to control the vibration of ceiling fan body

Single core wire: Single core wire is made of best quality copper wire, which means minimum resistance, optimal performance and longevity

Blades: Blades are made of aluminum alloy sheet with proper hardness. Moreover, Blades shape and bending angles are aerodynamically designed for maximum air delivery and quiet operation